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  • 25 avril - Bienvenue au Vietnam !

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  • Voici un petit résumé du centre elephant conservation center ..... en anglais !


    SUJET : I’m going to tell you about elephants and about their problems.



    In Asia, elephants are different than Elephants from Africa. Asian elephants are smaller than african elephants,  they have smaller ears, The warmer the weather is, the bigger their ears are, because they need to move their ears to refresh.Asian elephants have a smaller trunk than african elephants. The asian females haven’t got tusks, and, if they have some, then they are very small. At the end of their trunk, Asian elepants have only one finger to catch the food.

    There are still elephants in Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia, Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka’s forests. Elephants can’t stand the heat and they need to take 2 baths per day. They must live in a very dense forest to have enough food. In Laos there are about one thousand and three hundred elephants and in Myanmar, more than five thousand. 

    Why do elephants die in Laos

     In the population of domestic elephants, there are only two births every ten deaths because they are too tired by the logging to have babies. Sometimes, their owner don’t want they have babies because, during the pregnancy, the elephant can’t work during twenty-two months and must take care of her baby about three or six years. The elephants’ work is calling logging. They must pull some logs during 3 or 4 kilometers ! Normaly, elephants can pull logs during a long time but they can’t carry heavy things on their back, not more than one hundred kilos but their neck can do it. Sometimes, they brake their legs that repair in 2 years with a lot of cares. Sometimes, elephants have abscesses or injuries because they carry some very heavy chairs made of wood on their back.


    Elephant conservation center  

    In the elephant conservation center, there are six elephants : four females, one male and onee baby male. The center has one hospital and a laboratory with two veterinaries and one biologist, one training and work zone, and one hundred and six hectares of forest, a lake, a pier and a botanic garden . People can stay in an eco-lodge in the center and have dinner in the restaurant.


    Elephants are well cared and never hit by their mahout. They have two baths per day. They are trained during the day and they are released in the forest for the night. Elephant are attached to a chain thirty meters long. They have cares every week. The veterinaries team visit other domestic elephants to give them care if they need. The cares are free for every owner exept the transport if the elephant need to come in the hospital. Elephant conservation center make compains to prompt the owner to leave their elephants to have babies. Elephant conservation center tell them that they can use the mother and the baby elephant to make eco-tourism, wich bring back more money that logging. 


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  • 25 avril - Dien Bien Phu

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